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Companies with a history should plan to have a future

You know that in this digital age, a company without a proven website strategy will struggle to compete with the companies that do have a plan.

Only 25 years ago, the biggest brands in the world were General Electric, Exxon-Mobile, Coca-Cola, and the like. These days it's Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Tesla, and Google duking it out for the most valuable brand.

But you don't need to be an internet company to be competitive today, but you do need to learn from them.

How does a business with a long history transition to a modern-day marketing approach?

I'm Mitch Meador, the Founder and Top Nerd at BrandNerd.

Mitch Meador | Founder & Top Nerd

After spending the early part of my career working in marketing, branding, and analytics roles for older companies, all of which predated the internet by at least 30 years, I became convinced that a real change in marketing approach from the inside of an established company was impossible.

Frustrated, I started BrandNerd as a side hustle, eventually becoming my personal escape vehicle. Now I get to help companies just like I used to work for, established companies, get out of "the way we've always done things" mentality, and into a thriving website-centered marketing system.

The most dangerous words in business are, "That's the way we've always done it."

History proves it is incredibly rare for established companies to pivot to a new marketing approach. It doesn't matter if sales are down, jobs are at stake, and the bank is breathing down your neck; the new behaviors required of leaders and employees cause too much organizational friction. The new, bold plan is DOA.

To truly transform your marketing to a website-centered approach you need someone who's been there before and has made it to the other side–an experienced outsider with fresh eyes who can help you build momentum and avoid common pitfalls.

Look, I don't believe that newer is always better. But, it's just plain wrong when new companies with inferior products beat out older companies just because they know more about the internet. I don't want you to be the company that gets beat. I want you to learn how your website can work with your business without changing its soul.

Our team will teach you a proven marketing framework and support you with the expertise you need to pull it off. But, frankly, that's the easy part. The hard part is you making the decision to save your company from the shared perception of “how things are done around here.”

Stop struggling to find the answers alone, wasting valuable time and brain cells. Let me help you get your footing online and ensure a future for your company.

You are not in this alone. Book a call today and take the first step.

More About Mitch

A musician turned marketer turned web developer.

Hi, I’m Mitch. Thanks for checking out my company!

Before I talk about my expertise, I just wanted to take a moment to show you the main reason why I do this, my family.

Mitch Meador with his family standing with the beach in the background.Mitch Meador with his wife, Jill, on vacation in Charleston, SC. Standing in a driveway with big trees on both sides of the lane.Mitch Meador with his three sons, laughing.

I’m based in Lancaster County, PA, with my wife, Jill, and our three boys. While we don't get to do it as much as we want, we love to travel and have spent time all over the country and the world. We recently celebrated our wedding anniversary in Charleston, SC, which was amazing.

Ok, a little about me. I went to college for music and, after two years, dropped out to be a rock star. My first internet marketing gig was selling tickets to shows via Myspace and Facebook in 2007.

When the rock n roll dream fell, I returned to college while working full-time and being newly engaged. I entered super-nerd mode and finished two years of college credits in just one calendar year to get my B.S. in Business Administration – Marketing.

Marketing is the perfect space for me. It uses my God-given talents in creativity, continual learning, and leadership.

I quickly worked up the organizational ladder, acquiring skills and earning promotions. Within 3 years, I was the Marketing & Branding Director for a national manufacturer, a 50-year-old company.

I was tasked with revamping their website. The budget was small, but I wasn't willing to sacrifice quality. That was when I became a web designer and developer. It took a while, several months, for me to learn and build something worthy of the company, but I did it. The following year was their most profitable year in over 10 years.

To learn a bit more about why I started BrandNerd, you can read the section above this.

I'm humbled to lead a small team of exceptionally talented people daily. We might be small, but we punch above our weight class.

The A+ Team

Meet your nerds.

Pete Rodriguez

Design Director

To call Pete a designer is an understatement because he has a well-rounded business mind, bringing strategy and creativity together in a potent mix. Away from the office, you'll find him being a husband, a dad to two boys, and creating social content with conviction.

Lancaster, PA

Randy Peterson

Senior Copywriter & StoryBrand Guide

As a published author of more than 30 books and a produced playwright, Randy brings plenty of creativity to the table. In his free time, you'll find him cheering for the Phillies, serving at his local church, and writing scripts for plays.

Philadelphia, PA

Devon Linville

Digital Marketing Specialist

A true digital native, Devon serves clients by updating websites, researching markets, creating content, designing graphics, and more. Out of the office you'll find him teaching high school drumline and honing his video and photo skills.

Harrisburg, PA

Betsy Williams

Administrative Assistant

Betsy is an Air Force veteran and Mitch's second brain, using military-like precision to keep the trains running on time and the support inbox at zero. She is a stay-at-home mom who clocks in at BrandNerd while her son is at school.

New Hampshire


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