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We help podcasters and soon-to-be podcasters nail every episode. We record, edit, and produce your podcast, so all you have to worry about is showing up.

Pro Podcasting Made Simple

Look and sound like you know what you're doing from day one.

Get Help Developing Your Unique Podcast

Just getting started with a podcast is often the most difficult part. We help you develop a vision and record with confidence.

Look & Sound Like A Podcast Professional

Quality equipment is expensive and difficult to use. We've got you covered with great equipment and experienced technicians.

Deliver a Consistent Podcast Experience

Podcasting is a demanding endeavor. We help you avoid burnout, maintain a consistent schedule, and deliver quality.

Here's a Sample:

Launch A Podcast The Easy Way

With the rise of podcasts as a powerful marketing tool, businesses and individuals are looking for ways to take advantage of this trend. BrandNerd provides a turnkey solution for anyone looking to launch a podcast and grow their audience.

The studio, which is located in the heart of historic Marietta on West Market Street, offers state-of-the-art recording equipment and a relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for creating engaging and entertaining content.

The team at Brandnerd comprises experienced marketers, content creators, and media professionals passionate about helping individuals, businesses, and organizations create high-quality podcasts that connect with audiences.

Podcast Packages

We cater to each client's specific needs and provide them with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Audio Podcast

Fast and professional audio-only podcast.
  • Studio access for one hour.
  • Audio recording with professional-grade mics and headphones.
  • Basic audio editing, including noise reduction, EQ, and compression.
  • Audio file uploaded to dropbox in 2 hours.

Video Podcast

Turn it up with a video podcast made easy.
  • Studio access for one hour.
  • Audio and video recording with professional-grade mics, headphones, and cameras.
  • Basic editing for audio and video, including noise reduction, EQ, compression, and basic visual enhancements.
  • Video file uploaded to dropbox in 2 hours.

Content Pro

Create content for all of your social accounts.
  • Studio access for two hours.
  • Audio and video recording with professional-grade mics, headphones, and video cameras.
  • Basic editing for audio and video, including noise reduction, EQ, compression, and basic visual enhancements.
  • Create video clips for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

Build Your Own Podcast Package

We have the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Other Services

Podcast Setup

Making your podcast dreams real.
  • Intro and outro music for your podcast.
  • Custom-designed podcast cover art.
  • Get distribution on all major podcast platforms.
  • Establish social media profiles.

Audio & Video Editing

More production value or more content volume.
  • Edit out unwanted sections of your podcast.
  • Create highlights or teaser content.
  • Feed your content machine with medium and short-form video.

Marketing & Design

Grow your podcast with expert marketing.
  • Custom-designed promotional graphics for each episode.
  • Post to social media on your behalf.
  • Send emails to subscribers.
  • Design a website for your podcast.

Podcasting Doesn't Have to Be Overwhelming!

Getting started with BrandNerd is as easy as 1-2-3.

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2. Record your first episode.

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2. Grow your professional podcast.

Build a loyal following with a consistent and professional podcast.

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