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If you feel like your website could be performing better, you'll see a significant improvement with three quick fixes to your message.

Mitch Meador


Founder & Top Nerd


June 29, 2022

3 Answers in 5 Seconds or Less

The human attention span is short, especially when it comes to the internet. You have 5 seconds (or maybe less) to catch someone's eye and earn more of their time. People will likely move on if your website doesn't get to the point.

You can instantly improve the clarity of your website by answering the 3 questions that matter most to browsers before anything else.

As a web user, you’re probably aware of the importance of making a website easy to use and navigate. But do you know the biggest mistake that people make? The answer is simple: they don't give their users clear answers to three questions—the questions that matter most to them. These are:

  • What is your offer?
  • How does it make my life better?
  • How do I buy it?

If you can clearly answer these three questions on your website, then there's a good chance that you'll see an increase in visitor retention rates (and, therefore, sales).

We call this the Grunt Test.

It's a StoryBrand thing.

We call this the Grunt Test because your message should practically be so easy that Tarzan can grunt it out like, "Me Tarzan."

This concept is covered in the great book "Building A Story Brand" by Donald Miller. In a world full of BS marketing books, this is a goldmine of proven storytelling concepts all wrapped up in the StoryBrand Framework.

Another great resource on this topic is “Don't Make Me Think” by Steve Krug. This book advocates for making websites as easy as possible for people to use, so they don't get confused or distracted from their primary goals in using them (like buying products). Similarly, we advocate for making websites so crystal clear that people don't even realize they're reading copy while trying to accomplish their goal on the site!

1. What is your offer?

Don’t make your visitors guess what you do.

Are you an entertainment company, an industrial software firm, or a manufacturer? Don’t leave the visitor guessing. It is vital that your website provides enough information about your offer so that people know exactly what they are getting into. If someone is looking to buy a car, they don't want to first hear about how your business started in 1964. They are likely to just move on to the next site, your competition.

2. How does it make my life better?

Paint a vision of what their life will be like on the other side of working with you. What will they look like? How will they feel?

Show them how much better their life will be once they take action by using powerful, concise language that inspires and motivates them to act today.

Focus on the problems you solve rather than features. Don't get into the weeds about specifics or use jargon or technical terms. You can get to that later on your site if necessary.

3. How do I buy it?

Create a clear and compelling call-to-action (CTA) button.

The CTA is the most important button on your website because it tells people how to give you money. The CTA needs to be immediate and obvious. Don’t make them think too hard about what they should do next, or else they’re likely to give up completely and move on to something else. You don’t want that!

When it comes to CTAs, less is more. Don't try to cram too much information into one button—it will confuse people and cause them not to buy anything at all! Instead of trying new things, stick with what works: Buy Now, Book a Call, Get a Quote, etc.

Your website should feel like a superpower.

We live in a digital world, and websites are your digital storefront. If your website is just sitting out there in cyberspace, not doing much, you are losing out on sales. Your website should feel like a superpower that can help you get customers, close sales, and build trust with your customers.

When we start working with a client, we bring three things: our brains, creativity, and experience. But that's not all. We also bring proven frameworks and a detailed, transparent process. We've learned some things over the years (like how to create an irresistible home page) and can apply those lessons to whatever unique challenges you might be facing. We know that overhauling your website can feel like a daunting task. But with these three simple tweaks, you can instantly improve your website’s retention rate and make sure it’s telling the story you want to tell. You will likely find yourself getting more sales than ever before!

If you’re considering bringing in a professional to help with your website, Book an Intro Call with me to talk about how BrandNerd can help.

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