Search Engine Optimization

Dominate Google in your area and/or industry.

You Need to Be On Page 1 of Google

Organic searches make up the bulk of all clicks on Google, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets businesses to show up at the top of these organic search results. Organic results are the results after the ads.

Why is it important to be on top?

  • 84% of people skip paid ads and click on organic results.
  • 99% of people never scroll to page 2 of Google.
  • 75% of clicks go to the Top 3 organic results.
  • 31% of clicks go to the #1 organic result.

Why We Recommend Keywords

When research is complete, we’ll have a list of strong keywords for your campaign. To select the best keywords from that list, we put each keyword through a rigorous system of testing and scoring in four key categories.

1. Competitvely Balanced

Instead of looking for keywords with the most search activity around them, we choose words and phrases with enough activity to drive significant traffic to your site, but not so much activity that they’re too competitive to rank for.

2. Intent to Buy

We interpret “searcher intent”—the action searchers intend to take—for each keyword. This helps us identify people who are more likely to come to your site ready to make a purchase rather than targeting users who are simply looking for information.

3. Cost

We look at your budget, compare it to the keywords on your list, and select ones in the right price range—we want to make sure there is enough budget to fund the amount of work necessary for a successful campaign.

4. Current Rankings

We look through your list of keywords to identify any you might already be starting to rank for. With a little extra help, we’ll get these keywords on the first page. Once they stabilize, we’ll target new keywords. These medium-ranking keywords will take priority as we make final keyword selections.

All these factors help us choose keywords that have the best chance of reaching the first page of Google in 6 months. Targeting quality keywords helps build your online presence and attracts new customers looking for your products/services!

86% of our clients get on the first page of Google within 6 months. What happens to the other 14%?

Main reasons clients do not get on first page:

  1. Insufficient budget — there was not enough budget allocated to fund the amount of work required to move to page one within six months.
  2. Clients choose unrecommended keywords — rather than relying on our expertise and experience to guide them.
  3. Clients stop communication — they are unresponsive and miss out on important recommended optimizations we ask them to approve.

Setting Expectations

The biggest reason businesses rank for highly competitive keywords is they often have years of history optimizing for them. Clients who wish to overtake their top ranking competitors need to do more to build their trust and relevance with Google, which takes time; even more so if your client has a smaller budget.

For local campaigns, we build your client’s presence in their physical location before expanding their reach to surrounding areas. Google won’t recommend a business outside their searcher’s area if that business isn’t trusted in their own circle of influence first.

Our SEO clients are incredibly successful ranking online because we advise them to avoid going after the most highly competitive keywords in their industry or region—at least at first. We target keywords that have the most realistic chance to succeed and build Google’s trust in the quickest and most effective way possible.