Your website should turn browsers into buyers

Most companies are wasting money on a website that doesn’t work. At BrandNerd, we know you need a website that creates a flood of ready-to-buy customers each month.

Get more leads from better clients.

Show up higher in Google rankings.

Attract top talent to work for you.

What your website should feel like

Like a rockstar salesperson working for you around the clock.
Fits You Like A Glove

Your website reflects the great work you do and the awesome people who work there.

Attracts Your Ideal Customers

Instead of confused customers, people say things like, "I read about that on your website." 

Turns Browsers Into Buyers

Running a company is much less stressful when you have a stream of new customers calling you.

Let's get growing.

a simple web design process that actually makes sense

With so much on your plate, you don't need a complicated website project too.

We only work with local service brands like yours, so we understand how your business works! Our proven website design process allows you to continue running your business at full pace with minimal distractions.

Hello. I'm Mitch.

I'm a message consultant, website copywriter, and Top Nerd at BrandNerd.

Business leaders come to me when they want to create a clear message that resonates with their ideal customers.

I've met hundreds of business owners struggling to get their sales and marketing to bear fruit. Some form of confusion almost always stops great customers from buying from them.  

Is your message scattered and confusing? Let's punch confusion in the face.

BrandNerd helps you...

Sound good.

Your words matter. Why? Because people don’t buy the best services, they buy the ones that compel them to do so.

Messaging & Copywriting
Brand Strategy
StoryBrand Consulting

Look good.

Bring great attention to your brand with the design elements. We make sure you aren't losing any jobs by looking unprofessional.

Logo & Identity Design
Graphic Design
Photo & Video Editing

Turn browsers into buyers.

A good website is central to any modern sales or marketing campaign. It's probably your most important brand asset.

Website Design
Website Development
SEO & Reputation Management

StoryBrand Certified Since 2018

StoryBrand is one of the most trusted names in marketing. At BrandNerd, we've helped hundreds of business leaders like you clarify their message and the results are incredible.


Whether you work with us or not, this checklist is the right place to start. There's something (probably a lot of somethings) in this 11-page guide that will make you money.

Where do your brand assets currently stand? Find out.

Where should you focus your time and energy? Find out.

Looking for some D.I.Y. tactics? This is the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What website platform do you use?

We are a fully certified Webflow Partner. We choose to work exclusively on this platform because it is great for customization, easy to update, and lightning fast.

It is in our clients' best interest to have the best web platform, and Webflow is precisely that.

What does a website cost?

Our websites start at $10,000.

How long does your typical website project take?

Maybe this is obvious, but project length totally depends on what is in the scope. 90% of website projects fall between 60 and 90 days in length.

Do you work locally or anywhere?

We have worked with clients all over the world and love to do it!

Our clients are local service providers, going after a particular region or set of regions. So, we have a TON of experience, ranking companies locally, whether that’s in rural Texas, Midtown New York, or even New Zealand.

We also work with companies that are regionally based, perhaps going after an entire state or a tri-state area.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes and no. We offer payment options that can spread the cost of the project out over a few weeks or months. However, we are not a bank, so we require payment in full before final deliverables.

Who keeps the rights to the work you do?

You will own all the work BrandNerd does for you.

BrandNerd only retains the right to display the completed work in our portfolio and third-party publications.