My Favorite StoryBrand Website Examples

A four year veteran StoryBrand Certified Guide and web designer of over 12 years.
StoryBrand Website Design Example

1. Canary


Canary approached me in 2018 about using the StoryBrand framework in their marketing. Canary's target audience is engineers and executives for industrial companies. They realized that a clear message was the best way to stand out in a market full of technical jargon and spec sheets.

StoryBrand Website Design Example

2. Lovejoy & Numbers


Most accounting firms are obsessed with the technical details of accounting. Well, what if I told you that message isn't very appealing. What do you want from your accountant? You want peace of mind and control. This site we built for Lovejoy & Numbers does just that.

StoryBrand Website Design Example

3. M.H. EBY


EBY is an international brand of aluminum trailers and truck bodies. They have seven factory showrooms across the U.S. and over 150 dealers in North America. BUT, their website was terrible and generating zero sales. BrandNerd built this world-class website and we're improving it every single week.

StoryBrand Website Design Example

4. Sardina Dental Group


Can going to the dentist be an enjoyable experience? The answer is, "Absolutely!" if you're going to Sardina Dental Group. This site focuses on laying out what it is like to do business with Sardina and how they make your life better. Plus, making getting in touch easy.

StoryBrand Website Design Example

5. Hershey Heating & Air Conditioning


When I started helping Hershey Heating & Air Conditioning three years ago, it was a one-man operation. Now they have five trucks on the road and are booked out for weeks.

StoryBrand Website Design Example

6. Ebersole Brothers Construction


EBC is an established high-end contractor located in my hometown. When they approached me for a website, I was excited to introduce them to StoryBrand. What we developed was a simple, lead-generating website that has helped them grow their business.

StoryBrand Website Design Example

7. InsuranceWala


This established Atlanta-based business wanted to execute a total rebrand, StoryBrand style! Messaging for insurance can be tricky because everything must pass compliance, but we nailed it on the first pass. Further proof that StoryBrand can be used for any line of work or industry.

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