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StoryBrand Website Examples

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, I am happy to share with you these StoryBrand-ed website designs that inspire me, as well as a few sites that I've built. If you have any questions about StoryBrand, just schedule a call. I'd love to help you.
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StoryBrand Website Design Example by BrandNerd
StoryBrand Website Design Example by BrandNerd

Invisible Children
The black background creates a strong visual emphasis on this non-profit's mission to serve the unseen crisis in central Africa. Super simple and clear messaging throughout.
StoryBrand Website Design Example by BrandNerd

Unruh Furniture
A simple header stating "Quality Custom Furniture" clearly states the offer. A beautiful video reel pulls at your heartstrings and shows off the craftsmanship, connecting with you at an emotional level.
StoryBrand Website Design Example by BrandNerd

Califlour Foods
Strong message in "Eating healthy should taste as good as it makes you feel!" This site has very clear calls to actions and focuses on the success the browser will experience with the product.
Mitch Meador, StoryBrand Certified Guide
StoryBrand Certified Guide

Mitch Meador

As the Founder and Creative Director at BrandNerd, I help companies understand and implement the StoryBrand Framework in their websites, brand strategy, and creative.
Schedule a call with me below. We'll talk about your business, your goals, and discuss next steps.
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StoryBrand Website Design Example by BrandNerd

Hershey Heating & AC
The messaging of this local HVAC company places emphasis on homeowner comfort and reliability. Proof that small websites can be very effective.
StoryBrand Website Design Example by BrandNerd

Canary Labs
Canary Labs is in a niche market and "Time Series Data Management Software" does NOT pass the grunt test. However, this new website has done wonders for this software company with international reach.
StoryBrand Website Design Example by BrandNerd

Ebersole Brothers Construction
The Ebersole Brothers Construction (EBC) website makes construction project chaos the villain, positions EBC as the guide that reduces stress, and makes the customer the hero who gets stunning results.

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