StoryBrand Certified Since 2018

StoryBrand is one of the most trusted names in marketing, and Mitch is among the most well-respected StoryBrand Guides in the nation.

so, why should you sprint?

StoryBrand should be an eye-opening experience that gets you excited to transform your marketing.

Do It Yourself

Weeks of scatterbrained work.
Second guess every decision.
Struggling to explain it to your team.
Get to the end, and now what?

StoryBrand Sprint

One productive strategy session.
Work with a StoryBrand expert.
Share your message with confidence.
Know exactly what to do next.

what happens in your storybrand sprint?

This is a one-on-one, done-for-you process. StoryBrand doesn't get easier than this.

Live Strategy Session

Work With a StoryBrand Expert

Meet with Mitch Meador and the BrandNerd team to get to the heart of your clear message. The questions and format of this session have been refined by hundreds of past StoryBrand calls. You're in excellent hands.

Unload your messaging challenges.
Review the StoryBrand Framework.
Create your BrandScript.
Ask as many questions as you want.
Brand Message Guide

Get One Source of Truth

Using the StoryBrand Framework, we will break your message into its essential story elements and present it in three significant perspectives.

BrandScript - The seven parts of your story are laid out in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step roadmap.
One-Page Story - Your story is written and injected with some personality to tell a compelling story.
One-Paragraph Story - This brief version of the story is to be told or read in less than 30 seconds. It is the story in its simplest, most potent form.
Done-For-You Copywriting

Transform Your Business

With a clear message, you can confidently transform your marketing assets. You'll quickly see how story principles change the way you talk about your products and, more importantly, the way customers respond.

Strategic web page wireframes.
Email sequences that sell.
Story-based video scripts.
Magnetic lead generators.

We are also a Webflow Certified Agency and will develop your full website. See our StoryBrand Website Examples page for inspiration.

Here's How it goes

1. Book an Intro

A quick talk to ensure you’re ready.

2. Choose Your Sprint

You can see your options below.

3. Get Results FAST

Be the Usain Bolt of clear messaging.

here's What's included

How many potential customers can't hear you in a sea marketing of noise?
How many people still don't know you can help them?
Are customers confused about why they need your product or service?

A lack of clarity is already costing you a great deal.

3-Hour Sprint
Just Your Message
4-Hour Sprint
Add a Homepage Wireframe
6-Hour Sprint
Get Your Entire Funnel Done
Done With You
Strategy Session
3 Hours
4 Hours
6 Hours
Video Recording of Session
StoryBrand Framework Refresher
Create Your StoryBrand Script
Done For You
Brand Message Guide PDF
The one source of truth for your message.
Website Homepage Wireframe
A blueprint including the copy and layout of your website homepage.
Lead Generating PDF
A magnetic lead-generating asset to build your email list of potential customers.
Email Welcome Sequence
Automated emails to nurture your new subscribers from browsers into buyers.
3-Hour Sprint
Just Your Message
4-Hour Sprint
Add a Homepage Wireframe
6-Hour Sprint
Get Your Entire Funnel Done

3 questions to attract your ideal clients

The single most important StoryBrand principle that you can't afford to get wrong is... coming up right after this commercial break.

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Is this the same as the StoryBrand Marketing Livestream?

In short, no. The StoryBrand Marketing Livestream is a two-day group coaching event where the burden of completing your StoryBrand message is still on you, the attendee. However, you are coached by a StoryBrand Certified Guide in a group with eight other livestream attendees. This event costs $999 or $1499 for VIP pass.

The StoryBrand Sprint is a 1:1 event that turns your confusion into clarity in less than a day. Your message will be completed by Mitch Meador, a six-year StoryBrand veteran. (Certified since 2018). Mitch has regularly coached VIP groups for the StoryBrand Marketing Livestream since 2020.

Can you also develop our website?

100% YES. In fact, this process was developed as the first phase of our web development process. After all, how do you make a great website if you don't know what it should say?

A number of clients said, "You should offer this as a standalone product!"

So, we did. Now it's our best seller.

Can my coworkers attend?

Yes, but be selective in who you invite. The StoryBrand Sprint is for people who are essential to shaping the direction of your brand strategy. Typically, this call is for one or two people and can include up to four.

Will you review my website and marketing material?

If we have extra time in our Strategy Session, Mitch is happy to use the time to give input towards your messaging, branding, website, etc.

You can also add a website homepage wireframe, a strategic blueprint of how you should lay out your homepage. You can take this to a web designer or work with BrandNerd to bring your message to life on your website.

What if I have more than one message I need help with?

This depends on the scenario.

Separate companies will require separate StoryBrand Sprints.

Secondary messaging for things like products and/or service categories can be added for an additional fee.

Who is the StoryBrand Sprint for?

This is for anyone who wants to work with a StoryBrand Guide to get their message right. BrandNerd has helped hundreds of people, from solopreneurs to billion-dollar brands.