Your StoryBrand Guide For Local Business

Mitch Meador has mastered the StoryBrand Framework and how to turn it into a message that feels like you have a superpower.

Mitch has been StoryBrand Certified since April 2018.

Becoming a storybrand guide

It's the podcast that started it all for me. (RIP)

I worked as the Marketing Director for a company with international reach only six years ago. I promoted high-end products nationwide and consulted with 80 dealers in their regional marketing campaigns. With my education and experience, I was confident in my marketing knowledge.

Then, in March 2016, I heard a podcast that changed everything. It was called "Building a StoryBrand with Donald Miller". (It eventually changed to "Business Made Simple with Donald Miller.")

I was immediately hooked. The first season was seven episodes, each corresponding to a part of the StoryBrand Framework. They talked about concepts I knew, but they were talking about them in a way that was so clear and tight that it was melting my mind. I spent a lot of time presenting marketing concepts to non-marketing people, and this felt like I was gaining a superpower.

They talked about concepts I knew, but in a way that was so clear it was melting my mind.

After making minor changes to marketing, training, and sales messages, I saw heads nod and eyes light up in a way I'd not seen before. The StoryBrand Framework was a game-changer. I was becoming a raving fan.

Over the next two years, I absorbed everything StoryBrand had to offer. In 2017, I started my own marketing agency, BrandNerd, and StoryBrand was part of everything we did. Two years (to the month) after hearing the first episode of Building a StoryBrand, I traveled to Nashville to learn at the feet of the master, Donald Miller, and become a StoryBrand Certified Guide.

In the last three years, BrandNerd has helped dozens of companies tell a more effective story—a story with their customers in the hero role—and it has consistently boosted sales. BrandNerd has grown into a nearly full-service agency, offering website design, copywriting, sales funnels, search engine marketing, and a slate of other creative and strategic services.

Back when I was a Marketing Director, people thought of me as an expert, and to some extent, I was. But now, as a StoryBrand certified guide, it’s a different kind of expertise. I am equipped with a framework that is proven time and time again to help my clients win, and that feels amazing.

So, what problem can I help you solve? A new website? An email campaign? Rank higher on Google? Or maybe you need some guidance as you figure out what problems you help your customers solve.

Let’s talk about that story. Book a call today to talk about your project.

From Donald Miller...

What is storybrand?

Since the beginning of recorded history, people have been drawn to great stories. Before there was written word, stories were used to pass down important lessons and history from generation to generation. Your brain is hard-wired to receive story.

Building A StoryBrand by Donald Miller

Story is a huge part of everyday life. We exaggerate our tiny tales to friends and family after work. We devour books and movies, binge-watch Netflix, and even go to the theater. We turn sporting events and criminal trials into narratives. Don't even get me started on the news...

We've all sat through a PowerPoint presentation with bullet point after bullet point, barely staying awake. That's because that presentation style only hits the language part of your brain. The rest of your brain is restless and wants to do something!

Things change dramatically when the same presenter adds a story to illustrate their points. Stories tap into your "animal brain" which pumps out hormones that simulate the distresses, pleasures, or empathetic moments in the story. It's why an action movie elevates your heart rate even though you're not exerting energy.

Story-Based Marketing

We humans live in our own worldview, our own story. And it's important to note that we are each the hero in our own story.

Most established companies think they have a compelling story. They love to talk about their founder, the twists and turns along the way, and how they're still carrying on the vision.

But that's not the story people want to hear. You're making yourself the hero, and people aren't looking for another hero.

People want to be the hero in their story. What they want is a guide to make their journey easier. They're looking for someone who has been where they've been before and knows how to get to where they want to go.

Position your company as the guide to the hero and watch people start to buy.

StoryBrand Website Examples

I've compiled a nice list of StoryBrand Certified Guide-approved website examples.

It must resonate with people because it is currently ranked #1 on Google for the keyword "StoryBrand Website Examples."


This isn't high school. You're allowed to get the nerds to do your homework now.

Step 1: Clarify your message.

We work with you to formulate a laser-focused message that resonates with the people you want to work with.

Step 2: Build a powerful site.

We design and develop a lead-generating website that looks beautiful on any screen size.

Step 3: Grow your business.

Running a company is much less stressful when you have a steady stream of new customers calling you.

This is the way.